What is an Antichrist?
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The Truth Will Shock You!

The CIA Plan to Compromise Christianity

One of the most erroneous teachings pervading the churches today is the teaching about "the Antichrist." If you listen to many so-called "Bible Teachers," your mind will accumulate a body of fiction that will take years of real Bible Study to extract. Allen DullesWhether you are watching the Thief in the Night series done in the 1970s, the Lalonde Brothers Tribulation series promoted by Jack van Impe or the Tim LaHaye/Jerry Jenkins Left Behind series, you will do nothing more than accumulate a body of fiction that bears no relationship to the teachings of the Bible. In fact, some teachers like Olaf Hage contend that this version of future history was generated by alleged Satanist and Fifth Director of the Central Intelligence Agency: Allen Dulles (pictured to the right), and his minions to control the thinking of the Conservative Christian Community. Their objective was to convince these Christians that Jesus Christ was coming back in the latter quarter of the 20th century. Once they did that, Christianity would become skewed toward prophecy and less toward living the Christian life.

Hal Lindsey

Once the CIA developed their new theology, they fed it to professors at some of the major conservative church organization seminaries and other Bible Colleges in exchange for grant money. These professors would then share these teachings with their students. One of the students who received this information was Hal Lindsey, author of the 1970 New York Times best-seller, The Late Great Planet Earth. This book became the foundation for much of the prophetic teaching in Evangelical, Conservative, Pentecostal and Charismatic churches. After this book was released, people in these circles began carrying around Lindsey's book along with their Bibles. It was not long before Rev. Lindsey became one of the more prolific writers in the Christian world. His early books sold in the millions. Before long, the CIA plan to subvert the Conservative Christian Community had worked. They lost their scriptural focus and center their ministries on prophetic subjects.

Dr. Gary North

Much of the "end of the world" teaching coming out of the churches in the late 20th Century invited a lot of Spirits of Fear to become part of the Christian community. This fearmongering came to a head when Dr. Gary North and others teachers warned about a major computer system crash the media simply called "Y2K." They argued starting in 1996 that because computer systems had only two digits for the year (e.g. 1996 was input at "96"), but when they reached 2000, the computers would read zeros. As a result, companies all over the world dug out every COBOL computer programmer they could find and put them to work correcting the defective computer programs. Most companies finished their work by the middle of 1999. Microsoft and Apple send Y2K compliant fixes to their operating system software in July of 1999. Other lesser-known operating systems were fixed around the same time. Y2K proved to be a non-event and many prophetic ministries folded because people were no longer interested in supporting prophetic ministries that scared people.

E.W. Kenyon

The prophecy teachings pushed by Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins caused Christians to become self-centered. Their goal became having that special edge on life. Many of the spiritually-bankrupt ministries found themselves obliged to embrace either the neo-evangelicalism of Southern Baptist Pastor Dr. Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, and others teaching the new "purpose-driven" doctrines, or the heretical "prosperity gospel" of E.W. Kenyon now taught by various televangelists such as Kenneth Hagin, Jr., Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, and a host of others. Instead of living the Christian community concept, the CIA gospel effectively convinced Christians to become self-centered.

Learning the Truth

When Christians begin to learn the truth about the Spirits of Antichrist, they often go into shock. Almost everything they have been taught in their conservative Christian churches has been proven to be false. The worst part is that they have fallen prey to the very spirits they thought they knew "everything about." While they were looking for some dynamic but evil end-time world leader, they did not realize that an Antichrist was right in their church, standing in their pulpit. Their pastor was turning out to be one of the many Antichrists that the Apostle John warned about.

Let us start at the beginning. Nowhere in the Bible is there a teaching about there being just one end-time world-ruler Antichrist, and furthermore, it is not, nor will it ever be one human being running the entire operation. The Spirits of Antichrist are spiritual beings, wvil and insidious, corrupting, and being corrupted. It lurks in the background of the Christian community, searching for any opportunity to weave their way into the fabric of as many Christian lives as they can. When you read about these evil beings in the books of I John and II John, you learn quickly that these beings search for individuals with "leadership potential." Once they have acquired a target, they find ways to possess them, and then place them in leadership positions in the churches, communities, and governmental entities. Once they have inserted themselves into leadership positions, they begin the process of taking the place of Yahushua the Messiah into the lives of Christians.

How do they do this? They employ the Nicolaitane Doctrine specifically identified by Yahushua the Messiah in Revelation 2:6, 15. This evil doctrine teaches that there are two classes of Christians: the "exalted leaders" and the common "lay" people. The "exalted leaders" do all the ministry, while the commoners sit in the pews and received the gems of wisdom the "exalted leaders" hand out. The Nicolaitane system places the "exalted leaders" on the proverbial pedestal while the commoners are obliged to finance the entire operation. The "exalted leaders" live deliciously while the commoners are expected to give sacrificially to "support their ministries." The goal of the "exalted leader" is to replace Jesus Christ in the lives of the commoners. When the commoner has problems, they are to call upon the "exalted leader" and ask him what they should do. Before long, the church creates a dependency relationship between the commoner and the "exalted leader."

The Bible teaches that Christians are supposed to have a personal relationship with YHWH the Father through His Son Yahushua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). When they need direction in their lives, they can count on the Holy Spirit to gently guide them in the direction they need to go. The Apostle John teaches us:

But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him. (I John 2:27)

The Antichrist "exalted leader" wants you to follow them and obey what they tell you. They will tell you that you cannot trust the Holy Spirit to teach you the truth. Therefore, you need to rely on them to grow in the Christian faith. They also want you to part with your money so they can live their exalted lifestyle. Some of the Antichrist ministries show themselves when they collect millions in contributions and then obtain multi-million dollar homes and office complexes for themselves. They further show themselves for what they are when they engage in gross sin such as extra-marital relationships and even homosexuality. Remember, a true Christian follows Yehushua the Messiah. If you are following an Antichrist, it is time to break off the relationship and confess your sin to YHWH (See I John 4:1). He will forgive you and His Holy Spirit will begin to lead you into all truth.

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