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When Yahusha (Greek: Jesus) walked the earth in the first century, He changed everything! Whole books have been written to expound upon how He did this, but the bottom line is that He did. When He died but then arose from the dead, He made it possible for EVERY human being to communicate with YHWH and become part of His Kingdom. Once the Resurrection had taken place, he could charge His disciples to go out into all the world and make disciples of all nations. (Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:15-18)

By doing this, Yahushua the Messiah declared war on every spiritual being not directly connected to the Father in Heaven. He fulfilled Psalm 82, that decreed the end of the reign of the elohim (gods, literally "almighty ones") over the various portions of the earth. Unlike Moses and the Israelites, who were not permitted to actively evangelize the tribes around them, Yahushua the Messiah declared war on these elohim and ordered his disciples to bring people to YHWH (called God in most English Bibles) through Him. Yahushua the Messiah also directed His disciples to continue and even intensify their war on the spiritual evil known as Ancient Evil (the Roman Catholic Church calls it "Summary Evil"), which included Satan (the adversary), his principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness, other spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12) along with the "common devils." (Called shadim or "satyrs" in Hebrew)

As one might guess, neither Ancient Evil, the displaced elohim, Satan or his displaced minions were happy about what was happening to their spheres of influence. People, tribes and even whole cultures who had been firmly under their control for millennia were suddenly given the chance for freedom when disciples came around to preach the gospel. When these evil beings tried to counterattack the apostles and their disciples, they were effectively repelled. The Book of Acts recounts many of these stories. These beings eventually called upon the governments they still controlled for assistance. Even with the persecution, they could not stop Yahushua the Messiah, His apostles, nor their disciples. In fact, history records that Christianity actually grew despite their almost constant persecution.

The elohim Fight Back!

But hidden deeply within the walls of the synagogues and homes that formed the early church, were the evil ones working from within to undermine Christianity and bring its followers back into line with the programs that Ancient Evil, its  elohim, Satan, his angels and his devils had designed to bring the world under their domination and control. The Apostle John first identified this entity as the "spirit of anti-messiah" (spirit of antichrist is Greek) in his first epistle (I John 2:18, 22, 4:3). He would again identify this entity in his second epistle (II John 7).

The Spirits of Anti-Messiah rank as some of the most insidious of the evil spirits mentioned in the Bible. These spirits seek to manifest themselves as replacements for the ministry of Yahushua the Messiah. The Greek prefix anti means "to take the place of or replace." These Spirits of Anti-Messiah often appear as "anointed leaders" who can lead us into all sorts of "new truth" and even a new utopia. We have seen this spirit manifest as a political or religious leader, but it can also manifest as a church leader, such as an apostle, prophet, teacher, tele-evangelist, radio preacher, or even just a simple pastor of a local church. The marks are always the same. Click on the button, "What is an Antichrist?" to learn more.

The End-Time War

What makes this spirit more insidious than most is its ability to make people think it is one thing, when in reality, it is entirely something else. It works in every sphere of human influence including religion, politics, and even academics. Anything these evil spirits can do to take people's attentions off of Yahushua the Messiah and on to them, serves their purpose. The purpose of this website is the expose the spirit of anti-messiah and its evil in the world. This evil can be defeated, if we pray and work against its system.

About this site. This website is designed to warn the Kedoshim (true believers) about the upcoming all-out war between good and evil. This site shows how evil forces will masquerade even as Christian leaders and workers, to trick the Kedoshim into carrying out the works of evil. Many of these deceived people will carry out the works evil and think they are doing the "will of God."